Morning Cleanse - The Critical Component for Health & Healing

Morning Cleanse – The Critical Component for Health & Healing

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The power of a morning cleanse can work wonders for our health. Our liver, lymphatic system and organs work hard to break down toxins accumulated throughout the day as we sleep, breaking them down and releasing them into our bloodstream waiting to be transported out of our bodies as it completes its morning cleanse routine when we wake. Heavy and high-fats diets early in the morning can create obstacles to our bodies purging these toxins, since they tend to thicken our blood.

According to Anthony William in his book Cleanse to Heal, “Every day that we bring fats into our morning with our early meals, we prevent our body from completing its natural detox routine. On the other hand, every morning we work with our body by getting properly hydrated and keeping out radical fats, we guide ourselves toward healing.”

Suffice to say, morning cleanses can therefore be a most critical component if we wish to heal our bodies from a myriad of health issues.

While there are many different prescriptions of how a morning cleanse looks like depending on the different diets one follows, one thing in common is that many morning detox programs consist of some kind of juice or fluids. We found the Medical Medium Morning Cleanse to be one of the most comprehensive, since it is not only fluids heavy (which can help our bodies complete its natural morning cleanse ritual) but also carefully designed with enough calories to help us feel “full”.

What exactly does a Medical Medium Morning Cleanse routine look like?

1) Lemon/ Lime Water
It is recommended to drink 16 to 32 oz (2 to 3 cups) of lemon or lime water upon waking. Use half a lemon (or 2 limes) to 2 cups (16 oz) water. Some people do add 1 teaspoon of honey to their water. However this is not mandatory.

Lemon Water

2) Celery Juice
It is recommended to drink 16 to 32 oz of fresh celery juice 15 to 30 minutes after Lemon/ Lime water. To fully enjoy the cleansing effects of celery juice, drink only pure celery juice without mixing with any other juices and without diluting it with water or ice.

3) Fruits or Smoothie Breakfast
Complete your morning cleanse by having a fat-free and hydrating breakfast. A fresh fruit smoothie or any hydrating fruits for breakfast 15 to 30 minutes after Celery Juice can be a very easy choice. We suggest the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie since the ingredients are rather easily accessible and the ‘meal” filling enough to sustain most people till lunch. Grocery shopping can also be simplified.

Breakfast Smoothies

If you find the above overwhelming, start slow by incorporating lemon water for a week or two, then introducing celery juice as well as your Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie gradually. Start incorporating a morning cleanse into your routine if it isn’t already part of your lifestyle. You will feel the difference faster than you think.

Here’s to health!

The information provided here is for general informational purposes only, and not intended to be a substitute for professional health or medical advice or treatment, nor should it be relied upon for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of any health consideration. Consult with a licensed health care practitioner before altering or discontinuing any medications, treatment or care, or starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program.

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