Healing Story ~ Kate Sinha

Healing Story ~ Kate Sinha

Kate Sindha Healing Journey with Medical Medium

Kate Sinha is a mother of three lovely kids and has been on a healing path using Medical Medium information since 2018.

CFH: What is your healing story?

Kate: I experienced many health issues as a child. Since my family and relatives encounter similar issues, I thought that was normal. Nobody talked about it, doctors didn’t really address these issues either during my wellness checks. However, the symptoms did bother me and I had to slowly figure things out. There was so much ignorance because teachers, peers, and everyone else around could not understand or relate.

Growing up, I would get ulcers in my mouth, my skin was scaly and itchy. I had digestive issues and brain fog. As I got older, with more stressful events happening in my life, I started getting more symptoms like migraines, UTIs, fatigue, fevers every few months, chronic sinusitis, PCOS, etc. that it just got really hard to get by each and every day. I was going from doctor to naturopath, TCM doctor, Ayurveda practitioners, and trying out this and that.

One day I was talking to a friend  who shared her experience with Medical Medium information. By then I’ve heard of MM but only had  mostly just come across the recipes and food posted online but have not explored it in detail. After reading “The Medical Medium”, I decided to make an appointment with Kimberly Spair from then Reclaimers of Health.

Armed with this new information, I started applying them in my life and I got rid of my skin issues, – even my chronic sinusitis and ulcers went away. No more falling sick every few days. All these healing was taking place while I was still breastfeeding my child and taking care of my family at the same time. Not only did I heal physically, I felt I was healing emotionally and psychologically as well. Things I had not really thought about…. issues like my anxiety also mellowed so much that I felt like a new person. I never thought it was something that could ever change. It certainly made me see some light at the end of the tunnel!

CFH: How has this changed your own and/or family’s lifestyle?

Kate: My family has jumped on board with the daily morning cleanse, understanding MM info and applying meditations, etc. We understand too that it isn’t our fault that we aren’t well, and MM information has not only helped us navigate the health issues we face, it also helps us understand what is really going on.

Having all these health issues made me want to learn more about healing, so I attended courses offered by Kimberly Spair and Muneeza Ahmed and learnt about other healing tools. Understanding various health issues through the many case studies we did helped me understand better about my own health and how I apply this new knowledge to help others. Now in my private practice, I help guide others in their healing journey using the same MM information.

CFH: What are your favourite products at CFH? How has it helped you in your healing?

Kate: I love Lemon Balm, b12, Goldenseal and Total Immune Blend and Nettle.

  • Lemon balm is gentle and calming not just for me but for my kids too.
  • b12 is just amazing and it helps me with my brain fog.
  • Goldenseal is perfect for when things get rough for us health wise and helps with acne.
  • The new Total Immune Blend has been a game changer personally for me ! I’ve always had a weak immune system and it has helped me keep my immune defences up especially with so many flus going around this season. I can literally feel the difference!
  • Nettle has helped me replenish my energies after having babies.

As a MM practitioner, Katharine helps others gain clarity and guide them on their Medical Medium journey. She shares her journey @katesinha on Instagram.

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