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About Us

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” We care deeply about the type of foods we put into our bodies. We are a family owned and operated business and are health crusaders passionate about what nature offers us – pure, natural, vegan, wholefoods, snacks and food supplement options.”

Like every family owned and operated business, there is always a story to tell… and here is ours.

How It All Started...

Have you ever had a mystery health situation or are facing one now? Well, we did experience one in the family.

Four years after the birth of our youngest child, I had a sudden onset of itchy rashes that started off first on the back of my left hand. That was back in 2017. The skin around that area soon became raw and nothing I tried seemed to work – both at containing the itch or the condition.

Epsom Salt Bath

We tried many things from washing with table salt, Epsom salt baths to essential oils, but the rashes just got worse. I had to refrain from using drugs because my body is very sensitive to them, perhaps from the prolonged and excessive use of medication, antibiotics, steroid creams for various conditions administered on me during my childhood and teenage years. So medical science is no longer my go-to option.

This “eczema” on my hand quickly spread to my fingers and both my entire hands up to the arm. These quickly appeared on my legs and neck as well. Both my hands swelled to at least two times their size and it was constantly dripping a yellowish liquid. Scratching due to the deep itch every hour meant that the surface of my skin was all broken and blood was constantly on my hands, legs and neck.

I was constantly cold – even at temperatures of 35 °C! I was so cold I had to be clad in thick sweaters (no kidding!).

Later, I realized my body lost its ability to perspire. I was not able to sleep because of the pains and itch. I could not touch water because it would sting my skin and worsen my condition. My life turned into living hell and I couldn’t function nor work, much less take care of my preschooler and my family. Being able to manage 2 hours of undisturbed sleep any nights was a luxury to me.

It was a horrible experience!

I started eliminating foods from my diet.

With the support of my husband and children, I used whatever time I could when I wasn’t scratching or crying to research on my condition and how I can heal.

With the advice from friends, I started eliminating foods from my diet. This seemed like the most logical approach then. I lost 6kg within a week and grew weaker by the day because every food seemed like a potential minefield. I thought that I had no chance of recovery and this “disease” will consume my life within the next few months and that would be the best way out of my misery. I prayed for help.

That was when we found the Medical Medium. I must admit – we were skeptical at first but what have we to lose?

Reading the books, website and listening to the podcasts gave me renewed faith that I was not alone and like thousands of people before me, I can heal through what I put into my body (and potatoes and sweet potatoes are fine 😌).

Apart from changing my diet and my perception of food, I also started supplementation. Anthony William advocates quality, clean and pure supplements. By changing my diet and implementing his protocol, I started healing. The Medical Medium protocol is our family’s new way of life and this is where it has led us to you. 🌱✨

Like many others, I started to heal - and you can too!