Clean Food Haven Preferred Customer Program

Preferred Customer Program

✨ Earn more on your purchase in our Preferred Customer Program! ✨

Our CFH Preferred Customer Program recognizes customers who have spent at least S$3600 at Clean Food Haven the previous year, by giving you 3x the reward coins compared to your Basic Account.

💰 What is a reward coin? 🤔

Every dollar you spend at Clean Food Haven with a valid customer account (signed in) will entitle you to one [1] coin. Every 100 coins translates to savings of $1 on your next purchase. As a CFH Preferred Customer, you enjoy 3x the reward coins – that means you get 3 coins (instead of 1) for every dollar you spend. This translates into greater savings for you including items already on sale, with no other strings attached!

Each qualifying period is exactly one [1] year beginning from 1st Jan and ends on 31st Dec. So if you had spent over S$3600 at Clean Food Haven last year, you will qualify as a CFH Preferred Customer 🤗. Any purchases you make this year when you login to your account will entitle you to 3x the reward coins*. (Terms & conditions apply. We reserve the right to make changes to the program without prior notification.)

The CFH Preferred Customer status will be valid through 2022 and is renewable the following year if you continue to meet the requirements of our CFH Preferred Customer Program. The coins system will apply for both online and in-store purchases 🛒 with your customer account. To enjoy your privileges, be sure to login to your account before placing any orders online or inform our colleagues on the shopfloor before checking out your purchases at our retail showroom.

Remember – your coins are always credited into your account 24 hours after we invoice you and your order is ready for pick-up (not when you place your order). You can always utilize your coins (if any) for your purchases upon checkout. Your coins are valid for 1 year.

Just so you know. The reward coins not only applies for your purchases at, but also, and However, only purchases at are eligible for qualification to the Clean Food Haven Preferred Customer Program.

🎉 We hope you like what we’ve put together for you! 🎉